Structural Question for New Addition

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Structural Question for New Addition

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I'm really trying to get to permitting to begin renovation and construction on a house I purchased a few months ago but have hit a snag pertaining to the structural plans of an addition. The addition is raised to allow for a carport area underneath. The architect I'm working with sent over the plans for the addition to his structural engineer for review. The engineer came back and said that due to the beam span, he's suggesting we go with steel, which would drive the cost up. On the other hand, he said that if we wanted to keep with wood, that the columns would need to be buried 5-6' to the footings in addition to adding more columns for support. The architect then came up with the idea of making the area an enclosed garage as the extra framing should provide more support.

All of these options are adding extra cost. There is a contingency fund but I feel like the options I've been given aren't the end all, be all. Of course, this is my first experience with this type of thing so I could be way off base which is why I'm looking for other opinions.
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