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Provexum UK Command a partner. Whip, high heels, leash, a man on his knees asking for pardon and is ready to fulfill any request - the answer of women to male domination. 6. Sex with another woman. Ordinary curiosity leads a large number of women to such thoughts, and sometimes even actions. 7. Sex for a fee. Shine in front of a man in all its glory, move sexually to the beat of slow music, taking off the thing after the thing, letting rustling pieces of paper in his panties, and then retire to a separate room. 8. Sex blindfolded. This option is not less ticklish nerves than sex with a stranger. Usually in female fantasies the object of such sexual intercourse never becomes known. 9. Play the role of a man. Feeling like a man is an unattainable dream of many girls. 10. To be taken by force by a stranger. Many girls want to get into, depending on the man, be weak, obey. 11. Sex with a star. Typically, such fantasies arise after viewing the bed scene in the film, or candid photos of famous men in the magazine. 12. Sex with a man of a certain profession. The weaker sex is usually attracted by doctors, firefighters, rescuers, police officers, plumbers. 13. Hard sex with the boss. Many women love to obey. To do this, a man must be much stronger and higher in status. The ideal option is the chief, who slaps for small offenses, forcing him to “work out” his shortcomings in his work. 14. Sex in nature. Many girls dream to make love among wildflowers or on the beach. They consider such places incredibly romantic, forgetting about the possible inconvenience in the form of the ubiquitous sand and mosquitoes. 15. Sex in an unusual place. This may be a fitting room in a store or a toilet room in a restaurant. Basically this is a place where they can be caught off guard. It's very hot in summer. But here’s a paradox - it’s in the heat that you want to be closer to your loved one, not only morally, but also physically. How to have sex in the summer, so that it was good, not sticky, and pleasure was received by both partners? Pay attention to the secrets of summer sex.
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