Christmas is approaching.

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Christmas is approaching.

Odeslatod Tiffhan v Sob 02. Lis 2019 19:45:58

Hey all,
The Christmas season is upon us, and I am kind of freaking out! This will be the second year that new hubby and I are together for Christmas. Last year we both dropped the ball on decorating or starting traditions or anything, and this year we want our home to at least acknowledge the holiday. Problem is, neither one of us brought any decorations into our marriage, so we're literally starting from ground zero...and we're on a fairly tight budget. I want to start decorating this week, but....I have absolutely no freaking clue where to start! We probably won't do a tree, as we're in an apartment and don't feel like rearranging the entire living space for three weeks, BUT, we still want to do something. So my question is:

If you had zero decorations to start with, and a limited budget, what would you purchase first? OR

If you could only put up/decorate with one or two things, excluding a tree, what would you choose?
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Registrován: Sob 02. Lis 2019 19:01:55

Re: Christmas is approaching.

Odeslatod Mateasi v Pon 04. Lis 2019 17:13:29

I would buy something off amazon for cheap, like Christmas lights, coz they bring spirit into the home.. and also I would go for the tree. doesn't have to be big.. or maybe try and ask if someone has a "spare" Christmas tree at home.. and I would make decorations myself, find some DIY videos on youtube and try that, next year, you can buy more
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Registrován: Stř 26. Čer 2019 15:01:39

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