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Elite Male Performance Operating principle Trust your body, not the inner voice that whispers: “Maybe he will change his position ... Maybe not so fast ...” Manage him with your hands. Show him that you want to feel his hands on your buttocks, breasts, and your thumb in your mouth. Well, if you want to spread his legs, just push them to your hips. Teach him Read to him aloud erotic stories or encyclopedia of sex (or leave the book in the toilet - there men read most often). Watch together an erotic film, for example, “The Secretary” by Stephen Sheinberg or “Henry and June” by Philip Kaufman. Feel free to ask him to find an unfamiliar concept on sex in Google if your computer suddenly freezes ... Body toy Help your man get rid of the idea that his member is the center of the universe. Tris about his body, cuddle his pubis against his hands, thighs, buttocks (you can first rub them with oil), and do it so that your clitoris trembles with excitement. And after he makes you cunnilingus, rub it on his chest. It will be easy! Combine bold games and laughter. If you meet your "pupil" in stockings and a corset, and even with an obscene facial expression, he will be afraid that you expect any definite actions from him. He will get the role, the text of which he, unfortunately, does not know. Smile! And he will understand that it is you, his girl. There are no clear roles. This is just a game! Respond! He wants to offer you more than just "child sex." What to do: to besiege him with words, moans, movements, or to keep emotions to yourself? If a man hears and feels that he is doing everything correctly, his self-esteem grows. So do not restrain yourself. But know that the most erotic that men want to hear is simply “Yes!”, Especially during penetration. Problem At first glance, everything is just fine. He is caring and helpful: “Are you comfortable?”, “Are you well?”.
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