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Recreation > Travel > Hospitality > Hospitality IndustryRoofing Accreditation Good News for Home Owners
Posted by AngelaJohn in Recreation on November 30th Black Sam Darnold Jersey , 2017

The National Federation for Roofing Contractors (NFRC) recently announced it was creating a new roofing accreditation for the industry. It’s part of a broader movement in the construction industry to encourage more younger Britons, to join the industry. It’s also a way of helping to modernise it and to promote the use of more technology as it becomes increasingly available.

News the roofing industry is taking a fresh step forward and working to improve its image and skill levels is good for would-be roofers and the UK’s construction industry in general. It’s also a positive development for home-owners, as it means they will have an identifiable standard they can trust when it comes to home improvements.

“A roof is something that lasts for many years, however, there comes a time for all home-owners when they will require some work to be done,” said Nationwide skip hire, Proskips. “A formal, well-known accreditation is one way to help home-owners know they will receive a good standard of work from a qualified and trustworthy roofing professional.”

Industry facing multiple challenges

The creation of the new roofing accreditation scheme was unveiled at the NFRC Suppliers Conference in November. The details that were discussed include:

5,000 accredited roofers to be recognised over a four-year programme.Set to improve efficiency among roofing contractors.Will be designed to upskill the workforce and encourage the use of new technology.Is also set to improve general working practices among roofing professionals.

The accreditation scheme will be run in collaboration with the Construction Industry Training Board and will begin in 2018.

“The construction and roofing industry are important ones but do require some modernisation and transparency over standards which makes this new accreditation scheme a great idea and at the right time, too,” said Newington Green estate agent, M&M Property.

Broader budget benefit

Following on from the news of the accreditation, some details in Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond’s first Budget announcement were also relevant to the improvement of the UK’s construction industry.

Amid the figures and comments, was some positive news for the construction industry. Specifically, small and medium sized builders gained, with a £1.5 billion Home Building fund to support that sector. That’s in addition to the £44 billion pledged for capital funding, loans and guarantees for the house building industry.

The Chancellor also announced separate funding committed to resources for construction training. With Brexit negotiations ongoing, its vital the UK has a pool of well trained and hard-working construction workers to rely upon, to do the jobs many immigrants currently perform in the construction industry.

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) said earlier this year, that the UK faces losing almost 200,000 construction workers once the final Brexit agreement is in place. And, considering how skilled workers in the construction industry are, they aren’t jobs that can be quickly or easily filled.

“News of financial support from the Government to train Britons and equip them with the necessary skills is very welcome to the industry,” said Central London estate agent, LDG. “Particularly as it follows hot on the heels of the new roofing accreditation scheme that will begin next year.”

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