Fashion Jewelry Trends 2019

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Fashion Jewelry Trends 2019

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You are most likely to be familiar with some of these Wisher Jewelry trends of 2019 simply because we have seen many celebrities and street fashionistas to wear them for all kinds of occasions. You can be more daring and try some of these cool fashion trends.

No surprise that you see the chokers in our top online jewelry shop trends for 2019. They have been invading the fashion podium for quite some time now and still looking absolutely amazing. The versatility and diversity of the chokers is incredible. Also, there are so many different designs, textures, fabrics and purposes to these pieces. Go from the very basic and classy tattoo choker to a very glamorous and chic metallic choker. Depending on your style and occasion you can properly accessorize your outfit with a choker that best suits your overall vibe and look.

Hoop earrings made their comeback trend and they are one of the most sophisticated and elegant ways to show off your devotion and passion for fashion. In addition, partner up your normal outfit with a pair of bold hoop earrings to make it more vogue-like and stylish. Whichever style you prefer, bold or delicate, these earrings simply look amazing and eye-catching with any outfit. Also, hoops could be worn with very detailed or printed clothes or simple tee and still make a statement to your look.

Layered necklaces are great to be worn with V-necks, more open necklines or over your top. They are simple, yet very feminine and girly pieces that can beautifully accessorize your daily or nightly looks. These necklaces are very adaptable because they can be easily styled with a collared t-shirt, which is suitable for work or off-the-shoulder blouse that could be worn to dinner parties or night-out events. Moreover, you can style your layered necklace over a chunky sweater and get a very comfortable, but girly look.

Rich texture and small detailing is what makes the jewelry shop so fun and special. These shoulder dusters are great for casual or dressy styles. They can make our overall look much more interesting and flirty after we accessorize the outfits. Determined by your occasion you can choose a majestic pair of tassel earrings for a daring and adventurous look or you can add a splash of color by putting on a pair of colorful statement tassel earrings that could enrich your daily outfits.

We mentioned the midi rings as being one of the biggest trends in fashion last time, but stacking your hand with all kinds of rings is another story that can't go unnoticed. Use your imagination to create art on your fingers by stacking up various types of rings, which could be different in size or design. You can add elegance to your hands by combining only two or three rings together just enough to make a statement. Also, you can even try to wear up to five rings on one finger for a very bold detailed look.
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