Thank you for any hints

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Thank you for any hints

Odeslatod Smarthuiyuan v Úte 01. Pro 2020 7:33:40

Buy 2364 significant bones for 817944gp. (824200 - 817944 = 6256) Perhaps do it , but with Swordfish? (Make around an estimated 400k over with swordfish) Well, there it is. Any advice/suggestions on which I should do along the way? Incidentally, if your wondering why I just don't do it with swordfish at this time, its because it will take too long for me to fish, with just 53 fishing, and RuneScape gold plus, its a hassle for me to fall any undesirable Tuna I have harpooned up. I am also F2P. Thank you for any hints.

If you're doing the bosses you'll need a whole lot better armor. If you go in with only full rune, it will not take you long to have slaughtered. You'll require barrows/god armor (The type you get from the dungeon, like Bandos) a LOT of meals, at LEAST 80+ ALL battle stats and 70+ Prayer will make your life a great deal easier.

In summary: Get more moneyup and down your combat stats first. I'd advise that you get every combat level up one level first, then try and receive Prayer to 60, bare minimum. Consider doing it through slayer for some decent money, which you actually need. Rune is nice. Barrows is much better but rune is good if you don't have the money to Cheap RS gold spend. You can even array him. If you go with a group of 4/5 you can last maybe 10 kills with rune. Likely 15 using Barrows, it does not really make that much of a difference.
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Re: Thank you for any hints

Odeslatod subalternfirebolt v Úte 08. Pro 2020 14:20:16

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