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Asics Gel Kinsei OG Graphite Grey

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Asics Gel Kinsei OG Graphite Grey

Odeslatod 6kc5cjnm v Stř 15. Črc 2020 3:59:38


This time the technically indebted Asics Shoes Men is immersed in a lively lime palette that shows a variety of materials ranging from battered nylon to smooth leather. A diamond-shaped patch logo begins at the top of the silhouette and is stamped on the tongue over semi-transparent nylon overlays. The light shades of the shoe contrast with light gray laces and anthracite accents that outline the side stripes and the back of the sneaker. In addition, the "ASICS" logo is located in the rear area, supplemented by slightly transparent rubber panels on the forefoot. All these details are located on a movable midsole, which with an essential GEL heel insert with I.G.S. Damping technology for optimal comfort and balance.

The Asics Shoes Blue are dominated by a collage of black and white stripes and carry a number of graphic motifs that enliven their slim shape. A circular motif is stamped on the tongue over semi-transparent "NEXKIN" materials, which can also be seen on the toe box and the side walls. There are breathable meshes around the collar, complemented by shiny leather covers that are decorated with monochrome stripes. The ASICS logo is in the back quarter, followed by a series of GPS coordinates, the ASICS logo, and a black leather cap. The design is rounded off by an articulated midsole, which with an appealing I.G.S. Damping technology that travels a few kilometers.

On the top of the shoe there is an Asics Shoes On Sale elegant logo with rubber patches, which is stamped over a beaten nylon tongue. Much of the shoe is dominated by "huddle yellow" uppers, complemented by gray stripes along the top collar, laces and side stripes. The "ASICS" logo is located above the back quarter, while semi-transparent panels appear in the middle, forefoot and toe area. All of these details rest on a curved GEL-cushioned midsole that is accompanied by a durable AHAR outsole.

After its first launch in over a decade, Asics Gel Kinsei OG Graphite Grey will appear in a colorful accent. This Kinsei follows in the footsteps of a makeup that appears to come from the legendary Gundam RX-78-2, and refutes its mid-20th century legacy with a palette that spanned much more than the 1990s. Black mesh and synthetic materials are layered on the top between a white tongue and a foam midsole with small black GEL forefoot pads for a simple but technical look. This downplayed the base of the kinsei to allow the accents to speak, and they certainly speak.

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