We ignored encumbrance entirely as players hate to monitor

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We ignored encumbrance entirely as players hate to monitor

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Some poeple are involved, some less. That's what the old 1-in-6 search check is for, when everyone wishes to be lazy. The penalty is a 16% chance of succeeding. Occasionally we (as DM) would just tell them what's there, bypass all the searching and stuff. Sometimes I'd ignore. Many times I draw the map for RS gold them. If they did it wrong, or correct their map. This has the advantage that the map is a visual aid and it's difficult to explain rooms that are complicated. Having a precise map can help them find rooms and materials, which enriches play.

Not everybody plans. We used have a saying,"knives before brains." It is not new. They get out of it what they put into it. I never punished a lack of preparation; but I did tailor the level of"surprise" to what I knew the group could climb to. I guess that is enabling but its just a game. One thing which helps is to roll the dice. Request"are you certain you would like to proceed with that irresponsible action?" So they can see what they were actually up against show them the crucial after a rough experience. There would be to encourage encounter planning A fantastic way to allow PCs expire when it goes but if class if you don't do departure then you may fudge the dce.

I have had classes actually avoid combat, although it is thought to be a hallmark of OSRS drama in truth. They gleefully seek out it, should they expect it to become tough though with some care. In spite of deadly combat they seem to have no fear or aversion, unless they're low on hp and after that they're paranoid that is mad. We ignored encumbrance entirely as players hate to monitor it. Compromises include GM-tracks-it-for-you-cause-you-cheat, regular"encumbrance audits" with penalties in case you get caught, slot-based encumbrance (such as a video game, or you'll be able to carry # items equal to your STR), eyeball-based encumbrance (that looks like too much to me, proceed at half rate ), use of visual stock trackers (which gamers appear to enjoy), and endurance combined with good-natured mockery. I monitored encumbrance correctly and have also gone accountant that was full, but never lasts. The very best solution is something grime simple (slot based) along with a small penalty (slow motion ) for excessive encumbrance.

I feel your pain, but as I said every one of these issues goes back to the dawn of gaming. There have been arguments, good-natured or heated or bitchy, over these issues. Many hurt feelings. Much dissatisfaction and debate and calls to play with a different game. And joyful games in which we just lower our expectations and continue playing. Players ALWAYS let them be lazy and push. They need new things and splatbooks and kewl powerz. GMs restrict the players and always push for rules which challenging, and are loyal to their conceits. The tension is real and has always been there.

Some GMs are with relaxing the battle, cool, some are not. If you're not, those things destroy RuneScape for you. You may have rules you want and end up with a helpless nerfed game AND rules you can be more permissive in an OSRS sport, or you do not enjoy, and switch to 5e which nerfs a good deal of this material. And if your group's play style and your play style are far different there could be buy OSRS gold no compromise. To me, D&D is death and resource management. It feels wrong and frustrating to 17, if I do not get that in my D&D then.
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