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Empowered Boost If vomiting occurs up to 3 hours after taking the tablet, the next dose should be taken. The substances released from the described tablet are intended to cause changes in the endometrium, which significantly hinders the implantation process, i.e. implantation of the embryo. The timeframe mentioned is very important because excessive delay in taking the tablet after it will not work as a miscarriage, but as a supportive measure for any pregnancy due to the release of progesterone. In turn, the action of tablets containing as the main active substance ulipristal acetate, which prevents the release of an egg by the ovaries. It has the ability to bind to receptors that are naturally associated with progesterone. Ovulation stops. Side effects after using the tablet are primarily headache, vomiting, diarrhea, lower abdominal pain, Empowered Boost acyclic bleeding. The "po" tablet is not indifferent to the woman's body, therefore it is recommended to use caution Empowered Boost properly limit the indications to four basic ones: rape, unprotected sexual intercourse, cracked condom or incorrect use of contraceptive pills.
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