Should buy an apartment or buy a private house

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Should buy an apartment or buy a private house

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I. Apartment building


- When you live in a mid-to-high-class apartment building with relatively synchronous infrastructure, you will enjoy the existing utilities and services.

They are supermarkets, cafes, pubs, children's play areas, green parks, banks, schools, pharmacies, swimming pools, fitness gyms, tennis courts, football, landscape lakes. , ...
- All rooms in the apartment are located on the same ground, you will not need to climb stairs, want to go down there has an elevator and because of living on the same ground, family sentiment from there also more cozy, convenient for looking after, taking care of children, the elderly, ...

- Life becomes more civilized because everything is regulated and managed by management

- Better security by being protected 24/24 with security, parking, camera system, magnetic card, etc.

- Apartments are especially suitable if you have young children. Because there is a playground for children, they can communicate with their peers in an airy, spacious and safe environment.

- If you are on a high floor, from the 8th floor upwards the air will be very airy and cool, you will enjoy the beautiful view, the house is always windy, relaxing stress relief, ...

- In the apartment, you will never have to worry about termites, flies, mosquitoes, rodents.

- When your finance is not enough to buy an apartment, do not worry, you can borrow the bank to buy quite easily

- Flexible payment, payment in installments from the beginning of foundation construction, so many people can arrange gradually

2. Cons

- Need synchronous social infrastructure. If it is just a bare apartment building, residents will face many difficulties in daily activities. Surely you do not want to buy a pack of noodles but have to travel long distances for many kilometers.

- Apartments are often closely managed. Want to build, renovate anything must be approved by the Building Management. Many times want to fix immediately but not agreed will cause frustration and discomfort.

- Because living with many other households in a building, sometimes we have to yield, creating conditions for each other. Unfortunately, the bottom is leaking, they all day insist on coming into your house to find out the cause, they also have to sympathize and facilitate them. General electricity and water, so when it wants to repair will be quite complicated.

- On parking, you have to depend on protection. If you go home late at night, while the guard runs away, you won't be able to find a parking spot. Vehicles in the shared garage so scratching is unavoidable.

- Because living with many people, if the soundproof is not good, your family is easily affected by the noise from the next house. Especially if they have young children. bullet force

- Condominiums often increase prices slower than housing. Therefore, choosing to invest in condominiums is usually not a wise choice.

- Red books, pink books are usually received after a while, sometimes slightly longer several years to have.

- When the family is crowded, the children are older, the family has old people, you start to feel cramped.

- The risk of fire, flood, and flooding of parking space may be higher than that of private houses

- Risk of investor not handing over the house, shared space is appropriated ...

- Sometimes a little complicated and inconvenient with filial piety ...

- Houses degrade over time, you try to imagine after 30-50 years, the apartment building will be like.

II. Housing

1. Advantages

- Red book, pink book right away. Highly controlled.

- Same money range, the total area may be larger than the apartment:

For example: 35m2 x 3 floors = 105m2 and apartments are 70m2-80m2

- Because you own and your family, you are free to do what you like. You want to repair, expand or organize friends drinking, karaoke all night no one has any idea.

- Because this is your true property, you want to repair anything without asking permission, you can build any design you like.

- Do not have to pay any expenses like in an apartment. For example, maintenance costs, elevators, hygiene, security, parking, lighting, trees ...

- If you can afford to buy large land, you will have your own small garden.

- Housing is more private. If your spouse is loud, no one will know. And if in the apartment, adjacent rooms facing each other, speaking a bit too loud on the other side will also hear.

- Prices can often increase over time or keep prices better than apartments. In some cases, the number of cases increased several times while apartment buildings stood still or decreased.
2. Cons

- In the same area, land prices are usually twice as expensive, tripling compared with condominium prices.

- If the same money range as the apartment, it may be a bit far from the center

- Few or far from services and utilities.

For example, drinking a cup of coffee, going to the supermarket to take a motorbike go for a few hundred meters to a few kilometers (the apartment can walk) ...

- Around not many utilities like apartments: schools, hospitals, amusement parks ....

- Sometimes the intellectual surrounding is a bit low, causing a slight headache

- Nooks, alleys smaller. The parking lot is cramped if lots of people come to play.

- If you have a car, it may be inconvenient to send a car far and walk home.

A condominium or on the ground is good if the living environment, technical infrastructure & social infrastructure is guaranteed. Each type has its pros and cons. It is important that they fit the needs and age of your family or not.

For example, when you are young, your life and work attract you so the condominium seems to suit you better due to better security when you are away, your babies have a living environment in a large space. than…

Conversely, when you are older, the life in the apartment sometimes makes you feel bored, the space is quiet and cold, sometimes craving to hear the voices of people walking and traffic. At that time, real estate is the ideal choice.

In addition, whether you buy an apartment or a private house, you need to first understand the following issues to avoid making the wrong decisions:

+ Direction of home (trendy, age appropriate, not hot ...)

+ Quality of construction

+ Legal assets have pink book, red book or not

+ Position compared to where you work, children go to school, activities

+ Cash flow (rental) depends on the property and location

+ Purchase price compared to the market price

+ Feng shui

+ Owner: reputable for a long time or not, how many works have been built for the purchase of condominiums, but for buying a private house, it is easy to see if the landlord is easy to calculate, how is the neighbor? ? Does the neighborhood have security? Has it fallen into planning? Is profitability possible?

In short, buying a house to invest or to live requires a lot of meticulous research effort, it is not a simple task, the more you study, the less you will encounter unwanted things. . However, you should not be too careful to lose the opportunity to other people.
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