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Alka Tone Keto the diaphragm's opening is too large. This causes a part of the stomach to lie in the chest cavity. The consequence of this is that the sphincter can no longer close and remains open. The gastric juices can then easily flow back into the esophagus ( source ).A diaphragm fracture is often congenital but can also occur later. This can be due to an accident or due to the muscles becoming weak. The muscles can become sleeper due to aging.If you have a diaphragm fracture, the doctor will prescribe your living rules. These rules correspond to the tips which you will find later on this page.If these rules do not improve, the doctor can still prescribe medication. If there are still complaints with these medicines in combination with the rules of life, it can be decided to proceed to an operation.With this operation the upper part of the stomach will be folded around the esophagus. Alka Tone Keto Side Effects ... e-effects/ ... 213310634/
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