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Vida Tone Keto Anyone who has ever practiced fitness can say that a universal program that fits all simply does not exist. Most women have parts of the body that they would like to reduce, and those that would like to add size or improve their shape. Given all the conflicting information that is freely available, it is not surprising to get confused about how to properly train in accordance with the needs of your body. If this happened to you, do not worry, there is a solution to your problem. Determining the type of your figure will help you find the right training program. The body of a woman is a direct result of genetics, as well as lifestyle. You combine the features of your parents, grandparents and other ancestors. As a rule, it is in your power to change the shape as you wish. Such a transformation becomes possible due to a change in lifestyle, namely the optimization of nutrition and physical activity. The main body types of women in total there are 6 main types of female figure. "Spoon" A female spoon-type figure is also known as a pear. The owners of such a figure overweight is deposited in the lower part of the body, that is, on the legs, thighs and buttocks, while the waist size and breast size are small. To balance such a physique can be due to the expansion of the width of the shoulders and back. Cardio for this type of figure should actively engage the lower body so that a woman can lose weight in this area. Accordingly, the most preferred types of cardio activity in this case are walking, pedaling an exercise bike or practicing an ellipsoid. Avoid using a stepper, as this simulator can help increase the volume of leg muscles. Training with weights to build a balanced and harmonious physique, focus on increasing the weight of the weights in the shoulder presses, lifting the dumbbells through the sides and the thrust of the upper block to the chest. The number of repetitions in exercises for the upper body should be small, in the range of 6-8. Squatting is best done with light to moderate weight and performs more leg extensions on the simulator and lunges.
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