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Today sees the global launch of the Pandora Disney Autumn 2018 collection, and to pandora rings au celebrate I have HQ images, live shots and commentary on all the new beads to celebrate! This collection sees new additions to the popular range of Snow White charms, and a brand new addition to the Pandora Disney range.

pandora rings 2018 For those who are unaware, Pandora do not currently want their Disney collections previewed in advance, although I am trying to see whether there might be any leeway on this going forward. In the meantime, read on for a full look at the Pandora Disney Autumn 2018 collection!What I love most about the Snow White beads is that they include some villain-themed beads! Collectors have been requesting a Disney villains collection, and while Pandora haven’t quite gone for that, they seem to have taken the decision to include some darker charms alongside the cuter beads.

pandora rings 2018 collection This strikes me as a really strong Disney release – I always prefer it when they focus on characters other than Mickey & Minnie, as important as they are to the brand. As a Pandora collector overall, I relish freshness and new characters, and this collection delivers that in spades. The Snow White beads, while wickedly creative and fun, are not something that I can easily fit in my collection with their bright reds and bold themes – but the sweeter, softer Pinocchio beads do appeal to me on the other hand. I have a pretty pastel blue bracelet that I think the new Jiminy charm would be perfect for – so that’s definitely one I’m considering!
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