What's wrong with my seedlings? (Tomato plants)

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What's wrong with my seedlings? (Tomato plants)

Odeslatod troop9 v Stř 04. Zář 2019 19:21:56

Sprouted these guys like two weeks ago and promptly transplanted them into regular potting soil. Some of the varieties seem to have loved it and are taking off (Ferline F1, Sungold F1, Siberian) Although there are some strange spots on the leaves of the Sungolds. Other varieties have stunted (both my Green Zebra and my Honeybee). My sweet Aperitif both look a little malformed but at least they're still growing. Seems like the growing tip on one of them just decided to become a leaf so a sucker has had to take over. Does this happen often? What should I do about the three stunted seedlings? Is the potting mix too rich in nutrients for these little seedlings? Should I try and flush some nutrients out of the soil or should I transplant them back into seedling mix?
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