Neverwinter Companions get their own special rune slots

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Neverwinter Companions get their own special rune slots

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The most interesting pet enhancement is the ability to use any companion equipment, but that also means that companions can no longer use player equipment. It is a give and take, but ultimately, the developers believe it’s a step in the right direction. In another give and take, Eldritch runestones have been replaced with Bonding runestones in an attempt to simplify those bonuses.

Neverwinter Companions get their own special rune slots and can wear some kinds of regular player gear. Each companion has 3 rune slots that will unlock as they level. You can put runes in here that will just add to each companions basic stats. Also, each companion has 3 equipment slots. These can be anything from rings to belts to other items and will also add to a companions stats. It doesn’t matter what level the gear is that you put into these slots. If the gear is too high then it will be scaled down to the companions level.

Neverwinter Companions can have 3 runes and 3 items equipped, you can view your companions equipment and other details by pressing C key and going to Companion tab. Companions can have only one rune on first level, next rune slots are unlocked after reaching levels 10 and 15, and item slots unlock at levels 1, 15 and 25. To Buy Neverwinter Zen you can find from

There are two ways of how companions transfer stats to their owners. Augment companions always transfer 100% of their stats, and Eldritch Runestones can add to that total. All other companions transfer stats based on the added percentage of their Bonding Runestones. Augment companions are considered the casual and value option. Sufficiently geared they already can contribute quite a lot of stats, but get severely outperformed in endgame territory by companions with Bonding Runestones.

Those are the highlights of the companion changes. Along with this update will come changes to how companions scale, their survivability, and from where they get their damage values. The hope is that the player will have more freedom to use different companions without feeling like they are making a bad choice just because they want to use a different companion. Decoupling the direct link to player power and companion combat effectiveness means you can freely explore other options.
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