Specifications of Stenter Machine

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Specifications of Stenter Machine

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LiCheng stenter has high quality and good performance with advanced technique and wide application, which creates benefit for customers.It is mainly used for stentering and setting polyster filament, polyster knitted fabric of 80~350g/m³ weight with lower elaters.It is also suitable for pure cotton, polyster/cotton and blended fabric

Advantages of Stenter in Fabrics

Width of the Fabric is controlled by Stenter

Fabric is dryed by the Stentering Process.

Shrinkage Property of Fabric is Controlled

Moisture is controlled by the Stenter.

Loop of the Fabric is controlled by Stenter

Spirility of Fabric is controlled by Stenter

Specification of a Stenter Machine:

The fabric is collected from the batcher to the scray and then it is passed through the padders where the finishes are applied and some times shade variation is corrected. The fabric is entered into the mahlo (weft straigtner) the function of the mahlo is to set the bow and also weave of the fabric is griped by the clips and pins are also provided but the pins has a disadvantage that they pins make holes at the selvedge but the stretching of the pins are greater than the clips.

these clips and pins are joined to endless chain. there are 5 chambers provided on the machine each chamber contains a burner and filters are provided to separate dust from air. the circulating fans blow air from the base to the upper side and exhaust fans sucks all the hot air within the chambers. Attraction rollers are provided to stretch the warp yarn.

Licheng integrates design, research and development and manufacturing of various printing machines, such as hot air Stenter , flat screen printing machine and rotary screen printing machine. For more information about hot air stenter, please feel free to contact us by click https://www.hotairstenter.com/
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