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Keto 10X However, the power button of the 'C. difficile' can cause a typically hospital infection , which "can be as mild as acute gastroenteritis or cause fulminant colitis: with abdominal pain, fever and end up in an organic failure that causes death, "says Michael Lowak, family doctor and microbiologist. This sugar entered our lives in the 21st century In the early 2000s, this sugar considered "ideal" by the food industry, due to its ability to sweeten and improve the texture of certain products, began to be incorporated into processed foods. Present naturally in mushrooms and other mushrooms, but as an additive it is extracted from the starch of cereals, until then its cost of production was too high but a revolutionary enzymatic method managed to lower its price and its inclusion in ultraprocessed was popularized ; at that time its use was also regulated in the European Community . Coinciding with
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