Alpha Hill - Apartment of Alpha King

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Alpha Hill - Apartment of Alpha King

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Gold position in the center of Saigon
With the location in the heart of Saigon, walking from Alpha Hill is a few steps to "Bui Vien Walking Street", a few more steps is to 3A station of metro No. 1 with surrounding without any lack of a utility service. come on. That makes value for Alpha Hill
As mentioned above, it is very easy to get around to other districts with that gold position. Convenient for fun, work
Move to Thu Thiem new urban area, District 2 only 5 minutes
Move to Phu My Hung urban area, District 7, about 7 minutes
It takes only 15 minutes to Tan Son Nhat airport
Move to the central district of Saigon only about 10 - 20 minutes ....
Own the most unique and advanced technology
Alpha King uses the most advanced technology in Alpha Hill project. From the process of construction, design to apartment operation management.
Beautiful place
Facility Management (FM): is a professional management rule. Provides functions such as reception, reception and handling services, on-site service, rental / resale services ...

BIM (Building Information Modeling): working methods from design to construction and project operation management throughout the project life cycle ...

Smarthome: all home appliances such as curtains, gates, sounds, air conditioners, televisions ... have automatic applications.

The impressive design of Alpha Hill
The idea is from Asian street art + culture with patterned walls that are rich in old Saigon tradition.

The commercial center has a tubular structure, which is a harmony between tradition and modernity. On the front of the building, there will be places for advertising of famous items with each large LED panel

With the leading ideas and experience of Benoy Design Consulting Company (the UK-based company with 70 years of experience, has expanded the market to many countries such as China, DuBai, Singapore ...), Alpha Mall is sure. will surely achieve the goal of becoming a new symbol of Saigon

Alpha Mall is a combination of red color representing the vibrant excitement of youth, and blue color creates the coolness of nature. This makes the green life here not obsolete, always fresh.
Sky Club Alpha City on the 40th floor
Special utilities: Shelter room in case of emergency, for those waiting for rescue will take residents into temporary shelter. This safety room is the first utility in Vietnam. Developed and located on the 23rd floor of the building.
General utilities-services for residents: Restaurant reservation, medical care assistance, travel planning, business shopping assistance, cultural and artistic support, home care, golf course booking Airport VIP ...
Ground floor: embellished with a fountain, with a four-season flower garden, a 6m-high dome, in the Relax Lounge, 5-star standard services (hotel-restaurant booking, ticket booking) airplane, book a car ...)
9th floor: sightseeing will have flower garden art, dining, barbecue area, entertainment for young people including floating bar, 400m2 swimming pool style Resort, children will have their own play area, exercise there will be jogging in the air ...
40th floor: a place dedicated to sports, entertainment and exercise. This floor will have Yoga, Sky Gym, Sky lounge, Game Room, Billiards, Common lounge, Walking bridge connecting 2 towers.
49th floor: Private play area for young people including Sky bar, Sky bridge, Sky cinema infinity.
Alpha Hill - Prestigious investor
With strong financial potential from Alpha King, investors can feel secure when buying real estate.

Alpha King is headquartered in Hong Kong, is a prestigious real estate unit in the world and has participated in many markets in the US, Australia, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong ...

Alpha Hill is a super high-class apartment area that is not only fully furnished, but also offers safety, a unique experience and a better location than it is now. Alpha Hill is therefore an indispensable array of real estate investors and investors who want to find places to enjoy life.

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