Convert standard drywall unit into industrial design

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Convert standard drywall unit into industrial design

Odeslatod Leozumi v Sob 26. Říj 2019 15:41:40

Hi Guys

I'm on the verge of purchasing a condo in Hoboken. Originally, we were only looking at units that matched our style preference (industrial with some exposed brick walls, cement, wood ceilings, exposed ducts, etc.). Unfortunately, we could not find many units that matched this requirement (in addition to other needs around pricing, location, size, etc.).

The unit we're likely going to acquire is fairly standard (e.g. mostly drywall everywhere, no exposed piping/ducts, no brick, and the ceilings aren't particularly high at likely ~9 feet).

The question is, can one transform a standard unit into something that feels like an industrial warehouse? I've read that you can add 'thin brick' to walls, wood panels to ceilings, and that you can expose ducts. Of course, "can" is very different than "should" (and there is definitely risk that it would come out looking un-authentic / out of place). Has anyone had experience with this? Do you have before/after pictures you can post? Any help would be extremely appreciated!
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